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Spice Rack Organiser with 12 Jars

Spice Rack Organiser with 12 Jars

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Spice up your life with this 12 piece spice rack!!    
The spice rack organiser has excellent flexibility and sturdiness. The modern design and attractive stainless-steel finish make it suitable for every kitchen. The spice organiser is equipped with 12 pieces of refillable jars and a silicone funnel to help you transfer the spices. Each glass has a special screen and a bamboo framework which means your herbs can stay fresh longer.

If you need to store existing scattered spices neatly in the kitchen, you're going to need this space-saving seasoning organiser. It's revolving and it keeps 12 of the most common spices at your fingertips, so you can retrieve the correct spice every time.


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