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Boho Girl White Frame Canvas Wall Art

Boho Girl White Frame Canvas Wall Art

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A canvas to capture your boho spirit! 
The Boho Girl White Frame Canvas Wall Art is perfect for the girl who loves to express her boho-chic style with a modern twist. As soon as you hang this beautiful canvas in your home, you'll be transported into a dreamy world of vibrant colors and intricate details that will instantly make any room look stylishly curated. This art piece has an undeniable charm that will draw eyes from all around and bring character to your space!


Key Features:

  • Canvas wall art featuring a stylish boho girl with colourful bohemian inspired clothing and accessories
  • Professional finishes make our canvases water & scratch resistant providing the best quality artwork that any room needs
  • Proudly hand framed in Melbourne
  • Printed on premium canvas



  • W50cm x L70cm
  • W60cm x L90cm
  • W70cm x L100cm
  • W80cm x L120cm


Key Features


Small - W50cm x L70cm

Medium - W60cm x L90cm

Large - W70cm x L100cm

Extra Large - W80cm x L120cm

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