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Flame Aroma Diffuser - White

Flame Aroma Diffuser - White

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This ultrasonic humidifier with a flame style mist design is used for aromatherapy by diffusing essential oils and mist into the air. Remote controlled, the diffuser is useful as a night light featuring bright orange LEDS that replicate a flame style mist. Ultrasonic aroma humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrating liquid water to produce water mist and emit it in the air for humidification. It can improve air quality and also refresh the skin keeping it healthy and moist. By adding 4~5 drops of your favourite essential oils into the water, the misty fragrance produced will remove peculiar odours and dust, replacing the air with a fresh aroma and an ambient and pleasant room.

    Key Features

    • Easy to use remote control for mist, variations, lighting options and on/off.
    • Automatic Turn Off to protect from burning
    • Wont burn or over heat essential oils
    • 1-3 Hour running time on a full tank of water, and depending on mist mode
    • LED colour: Orange LEDS with various brightness settings.
    • LED colour options: 1 colour only, various brightnesses or no light
    • Portable
    • RoHS, CE, certified
    • Power: 7-9W
    • Input and output voltage: AC100-240V DC24V 0.5A
    • Capacity: 200-240ml
    • Time Mode: Continuous mist, 30 second interval spray, 1 hour timer, 2 hour timer
    • Material: ABS, PP
    • Colour: White with grey accents
    • Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4MHZ
    • Cord Length: 150cm
    • Remote Battery: CR2025 Lithium Coin


    Approx: L20.5cm x W8.1cm x H13.4cm

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